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We believe everybody has the right to feel beautiful and confident. We also happen to think that a face that has lived a life of sunshine and laughter is very beautiful, totally unique and something to be cherished – and will be treated as such here at Luna Rise.

Units and prices are transparent, putting clients in control of their treatment plan and its cost.

Anti-wrinkle Injections for the face

Taster session £100

Book a consultation to discuss your introduction to Botulinum toxin (commonly referred to as Botox) anti-wrinkle treatments. We will plan and then treat your face with up to 15 units

Anti-wrinkle Injections for the face

Up to 30 units £160. Up to 50 units £220. Single area £75

For treating bunny lines, a down-turned mouth, gummy smile, pebbled chin and  peri-oral lines (around the mouth). Also used for a chemical brow lift and ‘Lip Flip’ which creates a subtle pout to the top lip.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

Single session £220. Two sessions booked together £400

The muscles of the neck are injected superficially with 60 units of botulinum, creating definition, shape and a 30% lift to the fact/jawline. Best results are seen after 2 sessions.


One session £75

Hyaluronidase is effective at dissolving dermal fillers, and helps correct overfilling, asymmetry or other unacceptable results. As a qualified provider we can help you overcome issues you may have experienced at the hands of others. 

How many Units?

Facial Dermal Fillers

0.5ml £120 / 1ml £200 / 2ml £350

Non-permanent hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are given with skill and experience to areas such as nose to mouth, mouth to jaw and dynamic creases anywhere on the face, Results last 6-9 months.

Naso-labial lines run from the nose to the mouth, and Marionette lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin. These popular treatments give the face a softer, more youthful appearance.

Restoring volume to the cheeks is one of the most natural and effective ways of restoring a youthful appearance. Only 1 or 2mls of non-permanent dermal filler can give impressive results. Placing the filler higher on the cheekbones can give a beautifully contoured result.

Lip Augmentation

WE LOVE LIPS here at Luna Rise, and we promise to treat them as the individual beauties that they are! We will work with you to achieve your goals, whether it’s natural restoration, shape, definition, volume or just more of a pout (or even more of a pout) … we can deliver the results you want. 

0.5ml from £120 / 1ml from £200. 

Prices depend on the filler we use; we stock Revolax, Restylane and Juvederm fillers, but we are happy to use any other brand you might specify, or that we feel may be better suited to a particular client or treatment. Whichever is used, you can be assured that you and your lips are in skilled, experienced and caring hands! 

Lips can be very sensitive to treat and we always use anaesthetic creams and dermal fillers containing lidocaine. We will respect the unique shape of your lips, work with the contours of your face and apply our knowledge, techniques and expertise to give you the result you want, be it subtle or dramatic. Our lip fillers are non-permanent and are always backed up with the reversible agent.

A lip augmentation treatment takes 30-60 minutes and there is no downtime, meaning you can get straight back to your life looking and feeling more fabulous than before.

Hand Rejuvenation

One session £350

No longer do our hands need to give away our age. The back of the hands is treated superficially with Radiesse dermal filler which works in two ways; initially it replaces volume lost under the skin, and it continues to stimulate the body’s own collagen, filling wrinkles long term.

Narrowing a wide set jaw / teeth grinding

One session £180

Botulinum is used to reduce the width of the jaw muscle and create a narrowing effect to the face. A popular feminisation treatment.  Relaxing the masseter muscle also stops teeth grinding. Best results are achieved in two sessions.

Excessive Sweating

Single session £300. Two sessions booked together £500

Excessive sweating can be debilitating and embarrassing but it is very easily treated. 100 units of Botulinum Toxin A is superficially injected into the underarms. There is no downtime, treatment takes effect in about 7 days and results will last 4-6 months.


Aftercare advice will be given verbally and in writing. A follow-up appointment is provided two weeks after treatment, and we are always available on the telephone or email should you need information or support. At Luna Rise you really are in safe, reliable and caring hands!

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Nessa Hammond

Amazing service! I was quite nervous to get my lips done but I was able to go in for a chat before I booked in. On the day of my lip fillers I was made to feel really at ease. Best customer service! I 100% recommend!

Angela Beeson

Perfect service, very knowledgeable and qualified. Doesn’t oversell products or pressure you to have treatment. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Char Ashton

Most amazing trustworthy ladies, wouldn’t go anywhere else for my treatments!!

Audrey McDowall

Heather is amazing, knows exactly what she is doing and really listens, cares and takes pride in her work. Clinic is clean and chic with Heather's numerous qualifications and training courses on display which was reassuring. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Helen Chapman

Very professional service and I liked the fact that they never ‘over sold’ there services. Lovely clean facilities and highly professional explaining everything in detail and ensured I was happy with the process at all times.

Laura Usher

Amazing treatment. After having lips done elsewhere and moving over to Heather she couldn’t be more helpful and welcoming!!! Will definitely stick with her now xxxx

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